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We Deliver Flawlessly Executed Services

Majestic Events Ltd was established in 2008 as a wedding planning company by the Founder, Marion Obura. By 2011, we were crowned as one of the best wedding planning companies in Kenya due to our ability to give our clients peace of mind and flawlessly executed events. 

2013 was the beginning of our exciting corporate event management journey and by the end of 2018, we noticed that 80% of our clients were business clients. It was at this moment that, the
idea of stopping to provide wedding planning services started lingering in our minds.

In 2020, the pandemic changed everything for our business. We found ourselves getting more involved in marketing efforts that increased sales, brand visibility and brand loyalty for our corporate clients. This became the turning point for us and by 2021 we decided to become a B2B service provider that focused on providing corporate event management services, marketing and event consultancy services. 

It has been fulfilling to help our clients re-design their business models as we did the same for ourselves. We truly appreciate every client we have had because they have contributed to our success.

Who we are

Majestic Events is an agency that helps businesses to create, cultivate and maintain great connections with their stakeholders through events and marketing.

What people say about us

You are always assured of a 'Majestic Experience' when you work with Majestic Events.

Our Mission

To ensure your business stakeholders become more aware and loyal to your brand resulting in your business growth and success

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