It’s yet another time for the red and white, the flowers, the chocolates, the heart-shaped treats, and the romantic photoshoots. Yes, Valentine is coming… Where is your gift? What will you be giving? Do not assume that this is just a day exclusive to couples. It can be an appreciation day for colleagues and employees too. Most importantly, don’t forget about your clients. We believe they deserve your appreciation as well.

You may wonder, “What can I give my colleagues, employees, or clients?” Don’t sweat it; Majestic Events has got you sorted.

Gift Hamper Items

  1. Roses: It is not Valentine’s Day without Roses.
  2. Chocolate: Who wouldn’t want the ultimate Valentine’s treat?

Depending on your budget, you can choose from the following Majestic Gift Hamper Options.

Gift Hamper Option 1 & Option 3

Do not underestimate the power of roses. The majestic red; the alluring petals and buds; the lush stem; and the intriguing gypsophila on the side; all dressed in Baby’s Breath fillers that are sure to take your breath away.  Whether it is a single rose or a bouquet, flowers are one of the surest ways to show appreciation. Why not buy some for your colleagues and employees? Imagine roses in vases to liven up the office place. Make sure your clients know how much you value them as well. Be as creative with the roses as you can.

Gift Hamper Option 2 & Option 4

Chocolates are sweet, savory, and a great mood booster. They are also one of the best ways to show someone you appreciate them. Combine them with the bouquet of roses and you have the perfect gift to share this Valentine’s season. 

What More Can You Give?

Don’t forget the cards. Remember what we said in the previous blog (THE SEASON OF GIVING – THE GIFT & WHAT TO DO WITH IT)? A card adds to the personal aspect of gift-giving. Valentine’s season cards are available for all and you can share a thoughtful message with your colleagues, employees, or clients. Secondly, remember to smile when delivering the gift. This will add a crown to the Valentine’s Gift Hamper. 

We can tailor the hamper selections to meet your unique needs. 

Majestic Events has you covered!

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