It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the large Christmas trees, decorations, parties, and of course, the Christmas Carols. It is no wonder everyone is in good cheer! It is also the time for gifts, and I’m sure most of you have been approached with a Secret Santa proposal – to buy a gift for a colleague. Or maybe you just feel generous to share a gift. Be it for your colleagues, clients, or even yourself, a well-thought-out gift is the best way to close this year.

With the spirit of giving filling the air, you may find yourself wanting to give but not sure what to give. You might not be the only one to think, “What gift can I buy? What might my recipient want?” Secret Santa’s are difficult, but you might find that even a gift for your workmate or a client isn’t that easy to think of.

Once you think of your gift, you will encounter another problem – the cost of the gift. Not to mention you have to package it, then wrap it in something festive. Then you have to write a note and the delivery method also says a lot about your thoughtfulness to the gift. These days, we often find ourselves wanting to go above and beyond in the spirit of giving, not keeping in mind that there is a budget we need to stick to. You might find yourself buying an expensive gift and gift box, wrapping it in some expensive paper and a big card. That is not necessary.

Whether it is something a simple gift such as jewelry, or something more elaborate, there are thoughtful, creative, and personalized ways to maintain the gift-giving spirit of this season and also stick to your budget.

DIY Gift Giving

The Gift:

The secret to getting the perfect gift is to listen. Especially when you are thinking of your best and loyal clients. A well throughout gift stems from their likes, wants, and some of the comments they made about a certain item that at the time didn’t seem important. Think also about their hobbies, skills, interests, etc. These are some of the best inspirations for a gift.

Secret Santa gifts might be a little bit tougher, especially at work. You might ask yourself “What do I get for my colleague whom I only see during work hours?” If you thought “A pen”, maybe dig a little bit deeper. In this instance, you can make it a bit more personal. Multiple gift websites can help you come up with a personalized gift item – even with their name printed.

The Packaging & Wrapping:

Believe it or not, you don’t always need to do a big box. Not all gifts are for boxes. Some can be for gift baskets with cellophane paper or gift bags. Add some simple crepe paper, embellishments, and maybe a ribbon and you are good to go. Remember the idea is to make it as creative yet cost effective as possible.

The Card:

Did you know you can create your gift card? This especially adds to the personal aspect of gift-giving. Some people have a creative side and some manilla paper, colorful pens, and markers are enough to do the trick. However, no pressure if you can’t make one. Many festive cards are popping up in the markets every so often. You might be wondering, what about the message? The card is to speak what the gift cannot. Depending on the person and the gift, remember to be thoughtful. 

The Delivery:

Imagine this: You’ve found the perfect gift; It fits perfectly in your gift basket or gift box; You have used the best color of ribbon and written the best message on the card. Now imagine putting the gift on a delivery bicycle or motorbike to give to your recipient – a client or Secret Santa. Wouldn’t it be better to see the look and smile on your recipient’s face as they receive the gift? It may seem challenging to deliver all the gifts to all your clients, but you can have a representative deliver on behalf of your client. Remind them to smile too.

Don’t scratch your head too much. The season of giving is about the thoughtfulness of a gift. Wrap it up and package it in something simple and creative, top it with a personal message and a smile when you deliver.

If the DIY Gift Giving is not your preferred method, don’t sweat. Majestic Events offers Corporate Gifting Services just for you. Feel free to call us today – We guarantee a Majestic Merry Christmas!

From us at Majestic Events, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!