Event Planners always seem to have everything in order. From the goggles of a well-planned event, they seem cool, calm, and collected. But established Event Planners know that behind that smoke screen lie nights of agonizing over the client’s needs, motivation challenges within the team, and most likely a few pulled hairs. So what is the cause of all this?

The Problem

For Event Planners, the problem is not sales (at least not 90% of the time). The following are problems that Event Planners run into throughout their business dealings:

  1. Structures & Systems: Imagine you are planning a three-day event and you only have a week to the first day. The program for the three days is being demanded by the guests & attendees but it is not done yet; The decorators have not been updated on the most recent changes; The banners & posters are not yet printed; The ushers have no clue about their duties. This is where event planners panic and start running around like headless chickens. Without structures & systems, one might find themselves in a situation where they spend a lot of time and energy focusing on actions that yield no effective results.
  2. Operations: What happens when the main event planner of a business travels or gets sick a few days before the event? Does your business go to a standstill? What happens to the site visits? What happens to the calls to vendors & suppliers? Will the team have to constantly call the main event planner every 10 minutes to clarify information? Will they say “Let’s wait for them to come back” knowing there are deadlines that need to be met? Event Planning businesses tend to be people-dependent businesses – I.e., there will be no finance work done without the business owner; no site visits without the main event planners, etc. 
  3. Dealing With Clients: Event Planners also run into the problem of “My Client”. The relationship built with their clients opens challenges where only the planner is wanted. Therefore, in cases where the main planner is unavailable, the client will not cooperate as effectively. 

Client: May I please speak to Mercy from Majestic Events?

Majestic Events Representative: Mercy is not available at the moment but I work with her and can answer all your questions. 

Client: No, I want to speak with Mercy. I’ll call back again later. 

Moreover, event planners have the fear of reputation for themselves & their businesses – “What if my employees can’t do it as well as I do? I will lose my clients.” Another fear they have is “What if my employees take over and eventually take my business? All my clients will flock to them leaving me high and dry” and so much more. 

The Solution – Events Consulting Services

Event Planners need to acknowledge that they need help. Yes, Event Planners are often good at multitasking, but there is so much more than that. When your back’s against the wall, this is where an Event Consultant comes in and helps you save the day. Event Consulting Services are suitable for event companies that possibly have an events team and need some direction so they can make their business more system-dependent and not people-dependent. 

  1. Structures & Systems: Timelines, Timelines, Timelines! Event Consultants have timelines on the go. They can be easily customized to suit your event and these timelines can give great guidance on what activities need to be done day by day:
    • 5 Days to the Event: Get final quotes from the vendors, suppliers & caterers.
    • 4 Days to the Event: Finalize all information with sponsors & partners.
    • 3 Days to the Event: Finalize the program and share it with guests, attendees, sponsors, partners, etc.
    • 2 Days to the Event: Collect the banners, posters, and all other large print material.
    • 1 Day to the Event: Complete set up with the decorators, and all other vendors.
  2. Operations: When the team is deep in confusion, Event Consultants know how to smooth things over. Note that before starting to work with you, your Consultant will listen to everything you have to say about your business and take time to observe how you do your operations. They will also ask as many questions as possible so they know how to address certain issues. Don’t sweat if you have to take a sick day. The Event Consultant can work with your team to ensure that all goes well.
  3. Your Clients: Rest assured, your clients will not go anywhere. Event Consultants will ensure your staff is well-equipped to manage your clients when you are away. This will enable them to represent your company and brand, ensuring continued loyalty to you.

Events Consulting Services By Majestic Events

So, where can you find an Event Consultant? Think no further. If you are a start-up company or even an established Event Planner, Majestic Events is your go-to Event Consultant:

  • The consultancy sessions are uniquely designed to suit your event business needs.
  • The consultancy sessions are practical, candid, and motivational.
  • Our  events documentation system will enable you to run your events flawlessly.

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